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Hello beautiful people!

Over the last couple of months I have had a few people ask me: Does SkinnyMe Tea work and what is all the hype about!!? I thought I would share my experiences with it!!

So for all of that ask what is it: “SkinnyMe tea is a powerful mix of natural health & weight loss ingredients, that helps you lose that unwanted weight quickly, without restricting your calorie intake or drastically changing your exercise regime.”

I even decided to run a competition which included SMT in the prize package! It had an over whelming response which followed with even more questions~

The lovely Gretta, (founder of SMT) sent me a 28 day detox and I absolutely loved it!! I felt less bloated and more energised during the days! It consists of a loose leaf tea which you have every morning and a colon cleanse tea bag which you have every second night.


The loose leaf tea is lovely and has a similar taste to green tea – I particularly loved this daily tea because I felt like I had a lot more energy during the day.

The colon cleanse tea is quite an experience – but in saying that – a good one!! However, I suggest the first time you use it to make your tea not very strong!

The MAJOR plus about the colon cleanse tea is that the following day I felt so clean and less bloated. This also made me feel healthier and made me want to exercise more!


SO. What does SkinnyMe Tea do?’

- Increase you metabolism

- Burn calories & converts food to engergy

- Suppress appetite

- Improve quality of sleep

- Cleanse & detoxify

- Improve skin health

- Can assist you reach or your goal/healthy weight.

Another HUGE plus is that the SMT team provide you with a eating plan to assist you with your teatox!


To purchase, Click HERE

I hope you try this teatox out and you too can feel the SkinnyMe Difference!


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